A café or coffee house is, like the name suggests, a venue that sells coffee, but also other drinks and snacks. A bar is very similar, just with another type of drink. They’re favorite places for a lot of people. We go there not only to find something to drink but also to share with others and enjoy its particular atmosphere. That’s why there are a lot of themed cafés and bars worldwide. And, of course, there are also Bitcoin and crypto cafés and bars.

Cryptocurrency users worldwide can already enjoy some spaces specially designed for them. Some of these Bitcoin cafés and bars even offer lessons about the crypto world or provide further services, like BTMs and events. Let’s explore these places now!

Crypto Café + Room 77

Germany is a quite pays crypto-friendly, so, we can only expect to find a crypto café here. That one is called “Crypto Café”, indeed, and they describe themselves like this:

“We are the Crypto Café Munich and a sensational novelty. We are no ordinary café (…) We are called Crypto because you can not only comfortably enjoy the best coffee in the world here (…) but because we also offer to pass on OUR knowledge to YOU ​​and you can also pay with cryptocurrencies with us.”

They also have themed cocktails, like “CrypTonic” or “CryptoBull”. Besides, they actively promote cryptocurrency mining and offer to teach about it to their customers. It’s located at Hessstrasse 57 Munich (Bavaria’s capital). However, we can say for sure that Crypto Café isn’t the first one of its kind in the country.

Salle 77 Bitcoin bar à Berlin. Source: Salle 77 Facebook

The first-ever Bitcoin bar in existence is from here, and it was called “Chambre 77”.  It worked in Berlin from 2011 to 2020, due to the economic crisis in the wake of COVID-19. The crypto community in the country tried to save it with a crowdfunding proposal, but there were no results.  

Paralelní Polis Bitcoin Café

Probably, this one is the oldest on the list. Paralelní Polis isn’t just a Bitcoin café, but also a whole non-profit organization located in Prague (Czech Republic). They include the “Institute of Cryptoanarchy”, a coworking space, a crypto-related shop, a cryptocurrency ATM, and, of course, the Bitcoin Café inside their HQ.  

The institute supports and promotes decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies, while the “Bitcoin Coffee” est décrit as a “laboratory”. Only Bitcoin (BTC) et Litecoin (LTC) are accepted as payment methods, and that includes some vending machines.

Institute of Cryptoanarchy with a crypto vending machine. Source: Paralelní Polis

“The concept of Parallel Polis can be decrypted by visiting bitcoin-only espresso bar Bitcoin Coffee (…) Bitcoin as currency brings a visitor’s attention to the use of new technologies in practice. Bitcoin Coffee is a coffee laboratory aimed at achieving a superior taste in every cup (…) To understand complex issues of Parallel Polis, it is important to refresh by the sip of strong coffee.”

Paralelní Polis a été créé back in 2014. And it’s still a hub for art, hacking, and new technologies.


The madness with the dog-themed cryptocurrencies doesn’t end in the virtual world. To prove it, we now have the crypto café “Dogebeans” in Louisville, Kentucky (U.S.). Seeing that the pandemic wasn’t favorable for the (previously) 78 Coffee Co., the owners decided to rebrand to Dogebeans by November 2021 and accept crypto as payment for their products.

Of course, the main crypto accepted there is Dogecoin (DOGE), but they also receive Bitcoin (BTC), Jeton d'attention de base (BAT), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and DAI. They sell specialty coffee subscriptions, but also crypto-themed drinks like “NFTeas” and “Moon Fuel”. And they even have their own mascot, an astronaut dog named “Doji”.

Dogebeans had jumped into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) as well. They release periodically some unique NFTs that can be used to redeem special prizes and rewards. Some of the bags of their specialty coffee have these artworks on them.  

Bitcoin Embassy Bar + Latam

They describe themselves as “the headquarters of crypto in Mexico”. That’s because they not only offer a wide menu of drinks and food, but also hold crypto-related events, have their own shop, alliances with local crypto venues, and provide crypto knowledge. During the pandemic, they even issued their own token, the BEMB, available on a local exchange temporarily —since it was meant only to redeem for their products after the lockdown.

Bitcoin Embassy Bar. Source: BEMB Facebook

Bar de l'Ambassade Bitcoin was founded in 2018, and they accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin as payment methods. They’re also crypto-decorated inside and open from Tuesday to Sunday at Medellín 191, col Roma, CDMX. Last year, they held an event for Journée pizza Bitcoin, which is common every year.

It’s not the only Bitcoin café / bar in Latin America, though. More recently (last year), two of them opened in Venezuela and Colombia, respectively: BTC KFE (Caracas), and Cripto Café (Bogotá). Le dernier sells premium coffee and offers reimbursement of 5% in bitcoin.

HIP Coffee & Restaurant

Despite the not-so-friendly regulatory atmosphere for cryptocurrencies in Thailand, this market has been growing exponentially there. That likely was the reason behind the crypto makeover in the “HIP Coffee & Restaurant”, located in Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima). They exist since 2013, but, since 2020, they offer a wall full of screens showing the most recent cryptocurrency charts.

The owners also offer free crypto consulting and are planning to issue their own coin. Some events, like crypto-themed seminaries, are held in this place as well. Additionally, the local traders meet there to exchange information, and, of course, some nice drinks in this Asian Bitcoin café.

HIP Coffee & Restaurant in Thailand. Source: Reuters

As the last thing, we can tell you a curiosity. Just before and after the terrible heist to the now-defunct exchange Mt. Gox, its CEO, Mark Karpelès, was focused on building a Bitcoin café in Tokyo (Japan). It’s believed that he spent over $50,000 on it, and he was planning to offer an impressive menu and accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Of course, the project never crystalized due to the events with Mt. Gox.

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