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1 टीटी 6 टी is polemic, even in these days when almost everybody has heard of it. Its fame as a “Darknet currency” isn’t far gone yet, and the amount of crypto-scams in the wild doesn’t help much either. However, there’s a lot of positive things to say about it: 1 टीटी 6 टी is inclusive, it’s decentralized, it’s easy to use, it’s सस्ता है उपयोग करने के लिए और यह वित्तीय क्षेत्र में और बाहर कई समस्याओं को हल कर सकता है।

फिर भी, some famous people and important leaders insist on their hate against 1 टीटी 6 टी and cryptocurrencies and they didn’t doubt sharing their bad opinions about it with the whole wide world. We can see some of them and try to decipher why are they so upset about the thing.

जेमी डिमन

जेमी डिमन द्वारा स्टीव जुर्वेत्सन / फ़्लिकर

This one it’s probably one of the best-known cases, maybe because it has its own billboard on a truck. Yes, like a big ad, not to make sure everybody knows about the presumed dangers of 1 टीटी 6 टी, but to mock the author for his words.

Jamie Dimon is the CEO of the multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase since 2005, but the discussion about 1 टीटी 6 टी with him wouldn’t start until 2015. By then, the executive said clearly: “No government will ever support a virtual currency that goes around borders and doesn’t have the same controls. It’s not going to happen”. इसलिए, डिमोन को विश्वास था कि क्रिप्टोक्यूरेंसी बस गायब हो जाएगी।

कब 1 टीटी 6 टी was still there, better than ever in 2017, he decided to squarely call it a “fraud” in the middle of a conference. He compared the cryptocurrency with the tulip mania from the 17th century, he said it wouldn’t “end well” and he even made a threat to the employees of JPMorgan Chase, saying they should be fired if they व्यापार बिटकॉइन because they were “stupid”.

A nice guy, undoubtedly. But the story has a funny ending: the बिटकॉइन’s price was temporarily affected for his declarations, JPMorgan proceeded to buy it cheaply in the name of their clients, JPMorgan was accused by Switzerland’s FINMA of money laundering and, sometime later, during 2019, the bank launched their own version of cryptocurrency, the JPM Coin. Ironies of life.

आह, और निश्चित रूप से, अब हमारे पास एक ट्रक पर बिलबोर्ड है, क्रिप्टो-कंपनी उत्पत्ति खनन के सौजन्य से।

उत्पत्ति खनन द्वारा छवि

वारेन बफ़ेट

वॉरेन बफे द्वारा लोकतंत्र इतिहास / फ़्लिकर

सबसे पहले, मैं आपको बताता हूं कि बर्कशायर हैथवे क्या है। और यह एक कॉर्पोरेट विशालकाय राक्षस है जो पूरी तरह से या आंशिक रूप से, Duracell, डेयरी क्वीन (हाँ, आइसक्रीम की दुकान), फलों का करघा, हेल्ज़बर्ग डायमंड्स, क्राफ्ट हेंज कंपनी, अमेरिकन एक्सप्रेस, कोका-कोला कंपनी जैसे ब्रांडों का मालिक है। बैंक ऑफ अमेरिका, और एप्पल।

This isn’t even the full list, so, nobody should be surprised by the fact the chairman and CEO of this conglomerate is a filthy millionaire. Indeed, considered one of the most successful investors in the world and being the fourth-wealthiest person alive, you can’t underestimate Warren Buffet.

… Or perhaps you can do it a bit, just when he’s talking about बिटकॉइन और क्रिप्टोकरेंसी। सीएनबीसी के साथ एक साक्षात्कार के दौरान, इन वित्तीय कार्यों के खिलाफ हमले 2018 में शुरू हुए। उन्होंने तब घोषणा की:

“In terms of cryptocurrencies, generally, I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending (…) when it happens or how or anything else, I don’t know”.

The discussion didn’t end there. In 2019, Buffet declared 1 टीटी 6 टी was just a “delusion” and a “gambling device”.

“There’s been a lot of frauds connected with it. There have been disappearances, so there’s a lot lost on it. 1 टीटी 6 टी hasn’t produced anything. It doesn’t do anything. It just sits there. It’s like a seashell or something, and that is not an investment to me”.

This year he couldn’t contain his emotion about cryptocurrencies again, during another interview with CNBC.

“Cryptocurrencies basically have no value. They don’t produce anything. You can’t do anything with it except sell it to somebody else. But then that person’s got the problem (…) I don’t own any cryptocurrency. I never will”.

कुछ लोग, एंथोनी पॉम्प्लियानो की तरह, co-founder of the crypto-hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, think Buffet is just scared about बिटकॉइन and its disruption in society. Unfortunately, this was the man the famous singer Katy Perry chose to ask about cryptocurrencies. Maybe we lost her in there.

अजय बंगा

अजय बंगा GES फोटो / सार्वजनिक डोमेन

Junk! That’s how the CEO of the global Mastercard, Ajaypal “Ajay” Singh Banga, sees the cryptocurrencies. And there’s no kidding in there. He actually said that word during an interview with India Times in 2017:

“If the government creates digital currency, we will find a way to be in the game. We will provide rails for moving currency from customer to merchant. The government mandated digital currencies are interesting. Non-government mandated currency is junk”.

He proceeded to explain he considered the cryptocurrencies “junk” because of their volatilely. Thereby, by example, you can buy two bottles of water with one 1 टीटी 6 टी today, but another day it’s just one bottle or 9.000, you can’t know. He considered 1 टीटी 6 टी can be used for illegal activities too because he apparently doesn’t know you can do that with every kind of money.

इस बिंदु पर, हम एक दिलचस्प सवाल पूछ सकते हैं: बंगा चाहेंगे स्थिर? We’re not sure about it, but he apparently liked enough the cryptocurrency by Facebook (the Libra), since Mastercard was part to the Libra Foundation in the beginning, before their runaway when the regulators started to complain.

प्रिंस अल वलीद

हैम एरिक / क्रिएटिव कॉमन्स द्वारा राजकुमार अल वलीद।

When we say “prince”, we mean it. This Arabian businessman, Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, better known as Al Waleed, is indeed a member of the Saudi royal family. He’s also the owner of the investments company Kingdom Holding, which has a long list of inversions in big enterprises, including Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Kingdom Hospital-Consulting Clinics, Rotana Group, and, previously, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, and McDonald’s.

यह वह व्यक्ति था जिसने 2017 में CNBC के साथ एक साक्षात्कार में कहा था मेहरबान words about बिटकॉइन and cryptocurrencies:

“It just doesn’t make sense. This thing is not regulated, it’s not under control, it’s not under the supervision. I just don’t believe in this बिटकॉइन thing. I think it’s just going to implode one day. I think this is Enron in the making”.

With “Enron” he refers to the massive accounting fraud that took Enron, a U.S. energy-trading and utilities giant, into bankruptcy in late 2001. So, yeah, he thinks 1 टीटी 6 टी is a fraud and gladly agrees with Jamie Dimon.

लेकिन इस कहानी का एक विडंबनापूर्ण अंत भी है। उपर्युक्त साक्षात्कार अक्टूबर में हुआ था, और एक महीने से भी कम समय के बाद, अल वलीद को सऊदी अरब में गिरफ्तार किया गया था, एक शुद्ध रूप में कि सऊदी सरकार ने भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी अभियान के रूप में विशेषता व्यक्त की थी। उन पर मनी लॉन्ड्रिंग, रिश्वतखोरी और जबरन वसूली करने वाले अधिकारियों का आरोप था और अधिकारियों द्वारा उनकी लगभग सभी कार्यवाहियों को ठुकरा दिया गया था।

As reporter Max Keiser said on Russia Today: the prince wouldn’t have had that problem of frozen funds if only he had समय पर Bitcoin खरीदा। इसके बजाय, उसे 2018 तक रिहा होने का इंतजार करना पड़ा।

जेके रॉउलिंग?

जॉन मैथ्यू स्मिथ और www.celebrity-photos.com / फ़्लिकर द्वारा छवि

Ok, we really hope you noticed the question mark in this one because we’re not 100% sure about it. Yes, we’re talking about the famous writer of the Harry Potter saga, Joanne Rowling.

In case you didn’t know, last May, Rowling tweeted a little thing about 1 टीटी 6 टी and, of course, everybody got crazy in there. She just wanted to know what 1 टीटी 6 टी was, and she got a massive and overwhelming response to that. Some of the tweets she received in the middle of the debate weren’t so kind, so, at some point, she just wanted to disappear.

“This is getting silly. I’m not joining the 1 टीटी 6 टी community. It should be perfectly obvious by now that I’ve been trolling 1 टीटी 6 टी in the hope of boosting my significant Ethereum holdings”.

उसने बाद में साफ़ किया कि Ethereum होल्डिंग्स एक मजाक था, और उसने स्थिति के साथ एक कठिन-जीता सबक सीखा: “Never be flippant about 1 टीटी 6 टी on Twitter”. But maybe it was too late for her because she marked as her favorite explanation about 1 टीटी 6 टी one tweet that says “Imagine that something exists which doesn’t actually exist. That’s 1 टीटी 6 टी”. And, well, that’s a very unfortunate concept.

Since then, some scammers took their chance and, by using phishing accounts with the image of the novelist, they’ve been trying to steal the people’s cryptocurrencies. A sad ending. So, she probably doesn’t like 1 टीटी 6 टी now, who knows.

इतनी नफरत क्यों?

जाहिर है, हम कानूनी की एक छोटी सूची है? कारण:

1. Hypocrisy and/or “I want to buy it cheap”.
2. नई चीजों से डरना।
3. It’s not regulated/backed by a government (not totally true, by the way).
4. कार्यक्षमता के बारे में गलतफहमी।
5. Almost zero comprehension of what really 1 टीटी 6 टी is and how it works.

So, what can we do about it? Just see 1 टीटी 6 टी and cryptocurrencies grow. उन्हें इस्तेमाल करें. Spread the word. And… haters gonna hate!


2016 के बाद से क्रिप्टो-दुनिया में साहित्य पेशेवर। लेखक, शोधकर्ता और बिटकॉइनर। अधिक विकेंद्रीकरण और कॉफी के साथ, एक बेहतर दुनिया के लिए काम करना।

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