So, first things first. For our little recipe to 买Bitcoin,我们需要以下成分:

  • 拥有出色操作系统(我们不建议使用Windows XP或Android 4,是吗?)和防病毒软件的移动或桌面存储系统,因为您永远不会知道。如果没有,您可以借点东西或去网吧。
  • 良好的互联网连接。如果您正在阅读本文,那么您可能已经知道了。
  • 有关应用程序和计算机程序的基本知识。
  • 关于加密货币的基本知识。至少,您知道您将要获得什么吗?如果没有,请检查 我们关于它的文章 第一。很快。
  • 笔和纸。是的,稍后会有进一步的解释。
  • 一些付款方式,最好是数字方式。可能是借记卡和信用卡,银行转账,PayPal(虽然这很棘手),Yandex Money,其他加密货币等。




  • 对于在线帐户: an awesome lot of crypto-exchanges platforms and “hot wallets” (because they’re always online) offer you digital accounts to store and use your cryptocurrency. They work like any other webpage, so, the process is very similar: you sign up, you give (or not) some of your personal data and that’s all! They’ll provide you some crypto addresses to send and receive funds. This option is ideal for the cyber café thing, and you can 现在就和我们一起尝试.
  • 对于软件和硬件钱包: for this alternative, you’ll need to have your own equipment (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) or even buy a little gadget. You can choose a software cryptocurrency wallet and download it to your disk. They’re like any other computer program, very intuitive. As for the hardware wallets, they’re similar to flash drives with some tiny buttons to manage your funds… and, of course, they’re not free. But you can find them in popular markets, like eBay or Amazon.

Remember the pen and paper in the ingredients? You’ll probably need them in this step. Most digital wallets create what we call a “seed”: this is the private key for your wallet and only you should know it.

It presents itself in the form of 12 to 36 random words you must write on paper and later store in a very safe place. The reason for the paper is that the seed needs to be totally out of the Internet and the digital world to avoid hacking attacks. It’s the key to your money, after all.



  • 与个人和/或对等(P2P): 如果您不认识出售比特币的人,则可以在公共聊天和社交网络中找到很多个体卖家。他们应该在其他用户中享有良好的声誉,因此,请不要忘记在交易之前进行检查。一种更安全的P2P选项是这种交换,能够为其用户提供某些保证。
  • 使用Bitcoin自动柜员机: 信不信由你,遍及71个国家/地区的+9.188 Bitcoin自动柜员机,任何人都可以用现金买卖甚至是加密货币。也许其中一些靠近您,而您对此一无所知。您可以在中找到它 硬币自动柜员机雷达在这里, but we must warn you: the fees for this one are usually high.
  • 使用加密货币交换: this is probably the easiest way if you’re just starting. The crypto-exchanges are friendly webpages administrated by individuals or registered and regulated companies. Of course, the last ones are safer because in case of problems the company will be responsible for your funds. And if you don’t understand something or you’re having some issue, you can communicate with the round-the-clock support (well, at least on 我们的网站).

In any of these cases, you must consider some important factors: fees, exchange rate, payment methods, reputation, security, regulatory compliance, and why not? Some extra benefits like discounts or affiliate programs to buy bitcoin also come in handy.


Let’s say you already wrote the quantity you want to buy in the platform of your preference, and also your personal address —if corresponds— to receive the coins in your wallet or account. How will you pay for the Bitcoin? Credit card? Bank transfers? PayPal? Cash?



On the other hand, bank cards and bank transfers are widely accepted to buy bitcoin, the same as digital wallets of fiat money, like Yandex. But first, don’t forget to check the respective fees and conditions.



Internet Archive Address on the Bitcoin Explorer. Source: Blockchain.com


And there it’s in your wallet, the amount you just bought! You can store it there and wait for a price rise, you can withdraw it any time to your favorite currency or another BTC wallet, or you can pay for products and services directly with it, through your PC or phone.


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