Not everything is about trading, difficult concepts, and serious stuff within the crypto-world. There’s a lot of funny and curious things around here, and one of those is the fiction books touching the topic… or the topics. Because they’re not just one: Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery, anecdotes, decentralization, parodies…

Some good authors out there have already discovered the infinite possibilities, and they’re taking advantage of it in different fiction formats: novel, comic, tale, and even visuals, but that’s another story. For now, we’re going to show you some entertaining fictional books featuring cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Let’s start!

Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Bitcoin creator? We don’t know, and that actually could be a movie, because we really, really want to know it. The main characters of this book want it as well since they’re literally in the hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto.

Their biggest suspect is Bob, a beardy geek who’s now pursued by criminal groups and secret services. And he makes us understand why Satoshi prefers anonymity. The comic comes from Alex Preukschat, Josep Busquet, and José Ángel Ares, and was launched in 2014. So, this is probably the first Bitcoin comic in existence.

对此感到好奇吗?该漫画的副本于2015年在拍卖会上以20,4 BTC的价格出售。价格来自于105年签署的事实 加密世界中的名人包括Jeff Garzik,Vitalik Buterin,Andreas Antonopoulos和Roger Ver。通常, 成本 of this one is just 5 – 10 USD.


“Enter a world where money means nothing. Martyrs are villains. Predators are prey. And… God is a gamer”. This is how is introduced the book about Bitcoin by the best-seller Indian author Ravi Subramanian. The “Who’s Satoshi” thing is here as well, but there’s more to see in this thriller full of lies, manipulations, deaths, and even explosions.

这里有游戏玩家,银行家,政客和恐怖分子 与Bitcoin 和Darknet, developing a plot where you have to discover who’s pulling the strings from the background. Published in 2014, “God is gamer” has to be one of the firsts fictional books of its kind.

还记得我们说过有人应该拍这个主题的电影吗?好吧,印度公司Viacom 18 Motion Pictures 已经买了 the rights for this book and it’s planning to make that movie. At the moment, we can acquire the book for 14 – 16 USD on Amazon.



您是否曾想过一个完全在加密货币和区块链上运行的地方?是的,我们认识艺术家Akon 想要建立 塞内加尔的那个城市,但在他(2018年)之前,作家马克·赫尔夫曼(Mark Helfman)撰写了关于共识岛的文章,共识岛是一个很小的乡村岛,那里的一切事物都使用自己的加密货币运作。

生物医学企业家昆汀·泰勒(Quentin Taylor)希望为其公司建立自己的最先进的总部, and he receives a once-in-a-lifetime offer from the government of Consensusland, who’s investing in foreign startups。他们想为他提供资金,但他必须放弃他所了解的关于金钱意义的一切,并搬入该岛生活在一个截然不同的社会中。

The author explores this way how it’d be to live with cryptocurrencies and decentralization as normal in every aspect. And you 可以有这本书 for 3 – 30 USD, depending on the edition.


If you were inside the crypto-world by 2017, you should know it was bonkers. Bitcoin 爬上月球到处都是初始代币发行(ICO),Bitconneeeect凭借其可疑(后来完全失败)的加密货币增长了数十亿美元,并且通常每个人都充满了对失踪的恐惧(FOMO)。

在那神奇的一年 仅通过编写一些笨拙的代码来创建新的无用令牌,一些大学生就可能成为百万富翁 with promises of greatness and aggressive marketing. And that’s the topic of this novel, written by the Welsh author Haydn Wilks.

As Future Synergy Coin becomes a multi-billion dollar enterprise, the lives of Graham, Guus, Alicia, and many others around the world changes radically. Wilks left the question: “With billions of dollars to play for, who will survive the SHITCOIN’s rise?” We can discover it for 8 – 19 USD 在亚马逊上.



“I can’t wait to fuck Bitcoin in its ass!” is one of the golden phrases you can find in this bizarre, funny, and feline novel by Frank Edler. And not precisely because he hates Bitcoin (the work is dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto), it’s more because he likes it and wanted to write the story of One, the first Catcoin in existence.

Catcoin是中本聪(Catoshi Nakamoto)创建的一种加密货币, an Italian citizen “with Asian features and American sensibilities”. One used to be an alcoholic cat on the streets of Roma, but he became the first Catcoin unit thanks to his new master, Nakamoto. He still loves wine, though. Meanwhile, “Friendships are forged, lovers are loved and Durian fruit is smashed”, and, of course, 整个世界都被破坏了 通过更好的付款方式

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, cats and laughs, this is most likely obligatory reading. We can find it 在亚马逊上,介于3美元和10美元之间。



Yes, you probably want to save this one for Christmas. As you may know by now, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens has like thousands of different adaptations to date, it’s a total classic, almost obligatory for the holidays. So, why don’t mix it up 使用加密货币? 作者Jefferson Nunn认为这是一个好主意,因此他在2018年做到了。

In this version, the reluctant miser is the old Mr. Keynes, owner of his own business, Keynes Investments, and a fervent hater of Bitcoin and technology. The man is just waiting for the crypto to be “dead as a doornail” and he strikes as “toxic” everything not related to making (fiat) money. Then, a ghosty Bitcoin-iPad appeared to him, followed by the Genesis Block (the Ghost of Bitcoin’s past), a Node (the Ghost of Bitcoin’s present), and a self-conscious Artificial Intelligence (the Ghost of Bitcoin’s future).  

我们可以免费阅读这个有趣而可爱的经典故事 在福布斯,祝您圣诞节快乐。