You’ve finally decided to buy some cryptos! Because… everybody is buying and earning, right? Well, not exactly like that. Not the opposite, either. Then, what? What is the truth about cryptocurrencies? Have they value? How many can you buy? Can you use them just for investment? You need a comprehensive techy-course to learn how to handle them?

Let’s pause your trading for a second and wreck the most popular cryptocurrency myths. If you’re going to immerse yourself in this huge and interesting world, there’s some lies and doubts you need to solve first, in order to avoid really nasty surprises later. Ready? Set? Go!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have “ghost-value”

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There will be always someone out there telling you something like “cryptos are backed by nothing. They’re not physical, they don’t exist, they have no real value!” Well, you can ask them back: Have you ever thought about why the papers with numbers in your pocket have some value? No? They’re just papers, after all.

Let us tell you the answer: it’s because an entire country (and the world) agrees about their value. The bills, the coins, the transfers, 有价值,因为我们 相信 it has value. And if we believe it has value, we can exchange it with others, to get some useful goods and services. Like, you know… food and housing.

If we can’t exchange the money for other products, then it’s totally useless. So, we need the magic of believing. Now: why we believe in those little papers? They’re apparently backed (and mint) by some (not-very- trustworthy) governments. And we arrive at last to the complaint 关于加密货币: they’re not backed (or mint) by any government or central institution. Not most of them, at the least.

But hey, that’s indeed a good thing. We still can use the magic of believing (in the form of supply and demand) without the drawbacks put by central authorities and intermediaries, like censorship, limits, high fees, account freezing, requirements, documents, wasted time, and everything related to traditional money. So, cryptocurrencies have value because they’re very useful and a lot of people have already discovered it. Isn’t that cool?   

You can’t buy less than one entire Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin…

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Let’s check quickly: one Bitcoin costs around 10.200 USD, one Ethereum costs around 353 USD, and one Litecoin costs around 48 USD today. You want to buy some of them, but you have like… 30 leftover bucks in your pocket. You have no hopes, right? Yes!

您可以每个买30美元,甚至除以这个数量即可购买一点LTC,一点BTC和一点ETH。 You don’t need to buy a complete “coin”, you just can buy what you have and what you need. Cryptocurrencies are divisible by several decimals. Bitcoin, for example, is divided into units as small as 0.00000001 BTC (around 0,000102 USD, if we use the current exchange rate). Ethereum has even more decimals: 18. And Litecoin has eight decimals, just like Bitcoin.

Depending on the cryptocurrency, the number of decimals can change, but it’s very common to be able to buy one dollar and even much less. So, it doesn’t matter you can’t buy a whole unit. You still can own (and send) valuable fractions of your favorites cryptos, facing very low fees per transaction.


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Calm down a bit, please. For starting: the legality and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies depend on the country or territory, but we can tell you from now they’re completely legal in most of the world. Few countries 明确禁止 加密货币的使用和交换。这是(简短的)列表:

  • 阿尔及利亚
  • 埃及
  • 摩洛哥
  • 玻利维亚
  • 尼泊尔
  • 巴基斯坦

另一方面, 我们也有加密货币合法的国家,但是它们有银行禁令或以某种方式受到限制。这些是:

  • 俄罗斯(允许的,但不得用于交换任何商品或服务)。
  • 越南(允许的,但不得用于交换任何商品或服务)。
  • 印度尼西亚(允许但不能用来交换任何商品或服务)。
  • 柬埔寨(允许,但不能用于银行)
  • 加拿大(允许,但某些活动受到监管,一些银行禁止了这些活动)。
  • 哥伦比亚(允许,但不能用于银行)
  • 约旦(允许,但不能用于银行)
  • 孟加拉国(允许,但不能用于银行)
  • China (allowed, but crypto-exchanges and ICOs are banned. The banks can’t use them either).
  • 台湾(允许,但不适用于银行)

If your country isn’t on these lists, congratulations! You’re totally free to use cryptocurrencies as you want (and your banks too). But we must warn you: every territory has its own regulations about it. The United States and the European Union, by example, use to ask for some taxes and/or Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for certain activities. Thereby, before you use them, it’d be nice to check their legal status in your place.

Cryptocurrencies are very difficult to use (and you can’t buy many things with them)

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Maybe you’re worried about the fact you’re not precisely a computer genius, right? Cryptos looks so techy and intimidating in that way. Maybe you’re going to lose your money or block something all by accident. Not to mention you’re prone to lose your phone. And they’re just used for trading, not for general retails. Then, is better not to use them! Well, that’s incorrect, my friend.

Cryptocurrencies may be difficult to build (as any other computer program), but they’re very easy to use, for everyone. 他们通过钱包应用或友好的交流网页(就像Alfacash!). And don’t worry, everything is very intuitive. Have you ever use an app (any app)? A bank webpage? Then you’re all set! The appearance isn’t so different from them. You just need to choose a wallet or webpage and follow the instructions on it. Indeed, we’ve already prepared 购买Bitcoin的指南 在一些简单的步骤中。

Regarding losing your phone (and your cryptos with it), don’t worry either. Your cryptos aren’t in your phone or dispositive, but safe inside 区块链 (类似于云的超级密码数据库)。您以后可以使用它们,不仅用于与其他货币进行交易,还可以用于购买商品和服务:在类似 硬币地图 我们可以在全球找到+19.643个接受加密货币的场所。

加密货币是匿名的 而且无法追踪

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Not every cryptocurrency is anonymous. Indeed, there are few anonymous currencies. Bitcoin isn’t anonymous at all: it’s only pseudonymous. This means you don’t need to give your real identity to open or use a wallet, but the addresses generated by your transactions can be easily seen and followed. Bitcoin blockchain is transparent and public: everybody can check on the Internet their addresses records. Even they can identify the IP 地址 (and, therefore, identify you) if they know how to.

With networks like Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP is the same. Dash it’s partially private, and Zcash and Monero offers to be fully anonymous. Of course, according to 研究公司Chainalysis, Zcash and Dash aren’t as anonymous as they want to be. To date, Monero seems to have the major digital resistance to being tracked. But there’s nothing sure in this life. The cash (fiat) money still has the title as the most anonymous payment method.


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The timing is bad in that phrase: you could’ve gotten rich easily just buying some cryptos… in 2009-2013. But by then nobody imagined that. It was a lucky strike for the “early birds”, who mainly were developers, geeks, gamers, and privacy activists. Really few investors in there. Some other people bought BTCs out of curiosity and they later lost the private key or storage disk with hundreds or thousands of them. Something to cry, but life goes on.

目前,如果有人通过拥有一些加密货币向您承诺非凡的收入 or “invest” in their marvelous project, they’re probably going to scam you. There’s an awful lot of scams using the name (and just the name) of cryptocurrencies, so, you have to be careful and do your own research (DYOR, as we say within the ecosystem). Getting rich isn’t easy. Easy money doesn’t exist, and if someone is trying to tell you otherwise to make you invest in some project, you need to be extra incredulous.

It’s too late to invest in cryptocurrency

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The last point leads us to this: is it too late to invest in cryptos, then? The lucky strike is gone? Can’t I make any money currently? That depends on several factors. To sum it up: you can make some earnings, but you need to study a lot and take calculated risks.

The main use of cryptocurrencies should be payment methods (as any other money), but it’s possible (and popular) to build an investment portfolio with them. 加密货币的价格非常不稳定,因此,它们在短期和长期内可能会产生一定的收益。您可以像传统证券交易所中的任何人一样练习交易。但是首先,您需要非常了解经济学,甚至需要更多地了解将用来投入(和冒险)资金的加密货币。

投资加密货币的另一种方法是 采矿和股份. You can become a validator of a blockchain network, and receive a reward for it. For this one, you’ll probably need some specialized machines and good software and hardware.

In conclusion: isn’t too late to invest in cryptocurrency! Bitcoin always tends to rise, and there are 很好的预测 about its price for the next years. You can be a validator as well, and earn some money. It may be not that easy or fast in any case, but yes, it’s possible. You know: “The best time to invest was yesterday, the second-best time is today”.